SmartShower Art          Designer Art for your bathroom wall

The waiting is over......

Imagine this... Being able to control your shower system just like a smartphone?

Smart showers are up and coming. More and more people want a shower that provides the constant temperature of their choice and that adjusts the water supply to their needs. However, most smart showers take a lot of work to install and the end result is not always pleasing to the eye. Moreover, mixer shower technology is still much the same as it was 30 years ago.

Meet the SmartShower Art of Instant Aqua, a plug and play smart shower, designed with entirely new technology. It does not require structural or electrical adjustment to install and also looks beautiful on your shower wall. You simply fix it to your mixer shower, set your preferences with the InstantAqua SmartShower App and enjoy a shower like never before. 



Visit us at the ISH 2017,Messe Frankfurt Germany from 14-18 March for a demonstration.

Instant Aqua SmartShower Art 

  • Plug and play
  • Full colour TFT touch display
  • Controlled with the tap of a finger,
  • Directly interchangeable with any existing mixer shower
  • No structural or electrical adjustment required
  • Stand-alone – No installation of other parts needed
  • Equipped with timer and flow sensor
  • Presettable temperature and water supply
  • Shower duration and water use displayed while showering
  • Timer can be set to activate maximum shower duration and display countdown
  • Saves water and money when showering
  • Better for the environment


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