Tap water will never be the same

Say, you were looking to provide consumers with an easy to use product that could make their lives easier and more luxurious. You would need purpose designed technology, right? Then why, in the case of mixer showers, smart showers, bathroom taps and kitchen taps, is technology still much the same as it was 30 years ago? The use of thermostatic wax elements and ceramic discs in shower systems are outdated, inefficient and barely cost-effective. So applying old technology to new products just isn’t the solution.



Next-Generation Mixer Tap Technology Meet Instant Aqua’s unique and innovative, three-way smart mixer tap technology. Basically, this technology consists of an electronic tap with an innovative three-way mixing valve – that is powered by high-speed, micro-sized motors and operated by a digital display. Because the motors and technology take up such little space, this mixer tap is easily applicable to various products, such as smart shower systems, bathroom taps and kitchen taps. All in all, tap water will never be the same with our next-generation mixer tap technology.