The shower experience of the future


Digital and electronic smart showers are up and coming. More and more people want a shower that provides the constant temperature of their choice and that adjusts the water supply to their needs. However, most Digital and electronic smart showers take a lot of work to install and the end result is not always pleasing to the eye. Moreover, mixer shower technology is still much the same as it was 30 years ago.

Meet the digital and electronic smart shower of Instant Aqua, a plug and play smart shower system, designed with entirely new technology. It does not require structural or electrical adjustment to install and also looks beautiful on your shower wall. You simply fix it to your mixer shower, set your preferences with the Instant Aqua Smart Shower App and enjoy a shower like never before





  • Unique, innovative and patented technology

  • Micro-sized motors and technology take up less space than five iPhone 4s stacked on top of each other

  • Full colour digital touchscreen can be operated in the shower

  • Cheap to manufacture

  • Functionalities meet with international standards


  • Plug and play

  • Full colour TFT touch display

  • Controlled with the tap of a finger

  • Directly interchangeable with any existing mixer shower

  • Equipped with timer and flow sensor

  • Presettable temperature and water supply

  • Shower duration and water use displayed while showering

  • Timer can be set to activate maximum shower duration and display countdown

  • Saves water and money

  • Better for the environment

  • Management, monitoring and control via WiFi connection and internet

  • Collects data on settings and performance

  • Simple display functionality

  • Displays water use in litres or gallons

  • Displays outlet temperature

  • Displays number of starts and stops

  • Displays shower duration


Installation requirments

  • The minimum operating pressure for the Instant Aqua Smart Shower is 1.5bar (dynamic pressure). When this is not available we recommend to install a separate pump to reach the minimum operating pressure or higher.
  • 220V(AC) power wall socket for the addaptor (12V DC)


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