InstantAqua is founded in 2007 by Jurgen Verwoert as an development business for electronic digital sanitary fittings. Within InstantAqua we are a group of technicians in the fields of mechanics, hydraulics, electrical engineering, electronics, software code, and 3d CAT signs. We can devise new technology, design and manufacture prototypes within our own group of technicians. We work together with specialized companies that manufacture the designed objects on a confidential basis or they deliver them as an existing component. We are a small group of technicians and therefore all the lines are short and decisions are made quickly. This results that we are able to create the first operating prototype within 6 month from the first idea onwards.   

Over the last 3 years InstantAqua has fully developed a new mixing and flow valve technology which stands out towards all the existing technologies of today. This new and patented technology will change the future of the sanitary fitting industry and will therefore be a great extension to all sanitary fitting manufacturers future developments.

The InstantAqua technology is bases on the gearbox effect of a wedge triangle, where a double output force N2 (valve seating) is generated towards the input force N1 (linear motor). 






High tech with large mechanical benefits; 

  • the same closing power is realized with a motor half the power and size.

  • the wedge valve is free from any mechanical friction during the travel of flow control;

  • high closing momentum because of the friction free travel;

  • Over a longer period of time no additional friction is build up by lime scale because of injection mould smooth services.


Creates large financial and marketing benefits; 

  • small motor power and size;

  • low production costs (injection moulding);

  • simple E-drive (only one moving parts temperature or flow control);

  • all dimensions for flow volume possible.


Worthwhile to invest in for companies that;

  • like to bring new technology on the global markets in the near future;

  • like to bring new technology on a longer term and therefore take it of today’s market to beat the competition;

  • sells off EOM products;

  • investment for licensing out towards manufacturers and EOM companies.

With the patent of the development we are on the end of the WIPO / PCT route and will enter the national entry in the USA and Europe at the start of 2019. Because all searches and examinations for the worldwide (152 countries) national entries are already executed the national entry process for each individual country is just a formality and the national patent can be realized within 3 months.

In the attachment you find the WIPO application, the international search report, the final Preliminary Examination report and all other active documents. See the link underneath for additional reports and documents.

InstantAqua also acts as advisors on the development of sanitary technology under complete confidentiality. We can assist in solving technical problems in existing projects by approaching it with the same new and fresh perspective approach as we have done to our existing mixing, flow and touch display technology.