Imagine a shower fully adapted to your showering needs. A smart shower technology that provides the constant temperature of your choice and that adjusts the water supply to your needs at a particular moment. Meet Instant Aqua, a smart shower that enables you to personalize your shower experience with the tap of a finger and the technology is fully protected by Interlectual Property.


The mixer of today

3 outlets 6,6 Gal-min / 25 L-min mixed water

Dimensions 4,17 x 4,27 x 2,09 inch / 106 x 108 x 53 mm


Rain shower 3,17 Gal-min / 12 L-min


Hand shower 1,58 Gal-min / 6 L-m


Bath filler 6,60 Gal-min / 25 L-min