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At this moment we are looking forward into the future and like to introduce a partner into our developments. A partner that is willing to see the future in digital and electronic sanitary fittings just like us. To develop future designs from a basin or kitchen faucet up to a multi outlet shower system with bath fill option. To engineer digital shower sollutions for hospitality, domescis and heath care .

if you are this partner please contact us via an email to


InstantAqua is founded in 2007 by Jurgen Verwoert as an development business for electronic digital sanitary fittings. Within InstantAqua we are a group of technicians in the fields of mechanics, hydraulics, electrical engineering, electronics, software code, and 3d CAT signs. We can devise new technology, design and manufacture prototypes within our own group of technicians. We work together with specialized companies that manufacture the designed objects on a confidential basis or they deliver them as an existing component. We are a small group of technicians and therefore all the lines are short and decisions are made quickly. This results that we are able to create the first operating prototype within 6 month from the first idea onwards.   

InstantAqua also acts as advisors on the development of sanitary technology under complete confidentiality. We can assist in solving technical problems in existing projects by approaching it with the same new and fresh perspective approach as we have done to our existing mixing, flow and touch display technology.